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midwest, south, west, it's all good

Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Anybody , Moderated
This is a place to talk or post pictures about the story of Tulsa, what's happening in Tulsa, and future plans for Tulsa. A major purpose of this community is for live journal users who live in and around Tulsa to meet, talk and get to know one another.

You do not have to join this community to post. You do not have to live in or be from Tulsa to post. You just need to have a healthy respect for Tulsans, Tulsa, and its stories.

If you have any questions, ideas on how to better maintain tulsatime, or suggestions for editing the interests list so we can make it easier to find it when doing searches, I urge you to send an email to either lisamoe, lisamoe@livejournal.com or _silverrain_, _silverrain_@livejournal.com.

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And some Tulsans with websites:

If you want your website or community listed here, just let me know.
Peace. All are welcome.
1921 race riot, a slut backwards, alfre woodard, american indian theatre company, american theatre company, arkansas river, arnie's, art deco, bartlesville, bell's amusement park, big splash, bishop kelley, bixby, bob wills, boston avenue methodist church, boston's, brady theater, broken arrow, brookside, brownie's, cain's ballroom, cascia hall, catoosa, caz's, chandler park, cherry street, claremore, clark theatre, clifton taulbert, cloud 9, curly's, deco to disco, doonesbury, dym, east-central high school, eastland mall, edison high school, fenster museum, fishbonz, frank lloyd wright, full moon cafe, garth brooks, gilcrease museum, git 'n' go, glenpool, golden driller, green country, greenwood, gypsy coffeehouse, hale high school, hanson, harweldon, heller theatre, holland hall, ivplay, jacob fred jazz odyssey, jazz hall of fame, jenks, kilkenny's, lafortune park, leon russell, living arts space, mabee center, massad's, mayfest, mayo building, memorial high school, metro diner, midwest region, midwestern theatre company, mohawk park, native americans, night trips, nightingale theatre, oil boom, oklahoma, oklahoma aquarium, okrep!, oral roberts university, oru praying hands, osu tulsa, owasso, patti page, paul harvey, paul tay, peace of mind bookstore, penguins, philbrook museum, port of catoosa, promenade mall, quiktrip, redbud valley, renegades, riverparks, rogers high school, rogers state university, rosemary clooney, route 66, s&j oyster bar, s. e. hinton, sam kinison, sand springs, sapulpa, south boston liquid co., southroads, southwest region, starbase 21, starship records and tapes, steve largent, steve's sundry, stone horse cafe, studio 54, tahlequah, the loft, the majestic, the university of tulsa, theatre north, theatre tulsa, trail of tears, transplanted people, tulsa, tulsa ballet, tulsa central high school, tulsa community college, tulsa convention center, tulsa garden center, tulsa hs for science/technology, tulsa indian actor's workshop, tulsa opera, tulsa p.a.c., tulsa philharmonic, tulsa spotlight theatre, tulsa world, tulsa zoo, uncle bentley's, up with trees, utica square, vintage stock, voodoo room, washington high school, wayman tisdale, webster high school, wes studi, will hill, will rogers, wizard's asylum, woodland hills mall, woodward park, woolaroc, zat's